Natural Pain Relief & Wellness Care

Welcome to Concord Chiropractic, located in the heart of Concord, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1982 by Dr. J. Gregory Kinsman, a third generation chiropractor with a  long family history of providing quality chiropractic care, Concord Chiropractic is committed to helping patients find pain relief and achieve better overall health. Whatever led you to consider chiropractic care, our goal remains the same: to help you feel better as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Mission

Chiropractic is a unique type of health care, primarily focused on achieving pain relief and wellness through spinal manipulation. The science of chiropractic centers around the relationship between the spine and nervous system, utilizing various techniques to promote overall health and relieve pain. A skilled practitioner of the chiropractic adjustment for over 35 years, Dr. Kinsman is committed to working with each patient to prepare a diagnosis and customized treatment plan that will provide symptomatic pain relief and a roadmap to a healthier life.